Rustic Cabins on Private Sperry Pond located in the heart of the Adirondack Mountains of New York State

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Hunting in the Adirondack Mountains


Adirondack Rustic Lodge at Sperry Pond Preserve provides 1,750 acres of private hunting ground.  And, the adjoining lands are also private, with no public access.  When you rent, you rent a 3 bedroom cabin and exclusive hunting rights to the entire 1,750 acres.

Black bear and trophy whitetail deer by rifle, bow, and muzzleloader, predatory calling and hunting, wild turkeys, ruffed grouse, woodcock, snowshoe hare, wood ducks, mallards, blacks and Canada geese.  Four wheeling in makes the carry out easier.  We have always had a large feeding program, food plots for deer and turkey, as well as practiced buck management… nothing under 6 points being taken.  Hunting is limited to our guests, so the population is not over-hunted.  Hunts can be either self guided or we can offer top notch guides for any hunt at an additional fee.




RATES (all rates per person)

3 DAY HUNT (4 nights) - $650 Archery Season, $850 Muzzleloader Season, $750 Rifle Season.

6 DAY HUNT (7 nights) - $1025 Archery Season, $1225 Muzzleloader Season, $1125 Rifle Season.




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2010 NYS Northern Zone/Adirondacks Hunting Seasons

Early Bear: Opens September 15th, 2012
Archery:  September 27th to October 23rd
Black Powder: October 13th to the 20th
Regular Big Game: October 2
0th to December 2nd
Spring May 1st to May 31st - Youth April 21st to 22ns\d

WHITETAIL DEER HUNTING - The last week of rifle is still available at Sperry for the 2009 season.  As of Nov.24th, it looks like the rut is full blown up here.  The rut is later in the higher elevations north country.  It's nature's way of ensuring the spring fawns are not born too early.  Sperry Pond has mature bucks and is definitely not overhunted.  Hunting is limited exclusively to our guests.  The 2 mounts below were taken from Sperry and we've seen their genetics passed on. 

BLACK POWDER HUNTING:   We've seen a couple of real trophies this year out in the woods and what a great week to hunt - weather is still warm and undisturbed woods.  Typically, the big bucks get taken by the first in or after the rut is full blown

RUFFED GROUSE HUNTING - This really seems to be the year of the grouse, especially at Sperry.  Walking the trails, it is easy to flush out 4 birds at one time.  If you hunt with dogs, no problem.  We gladly allow dogs in the cabins.  The season for ruffed grouse is September 20th - February 29th.  

SNOWSHOE RABBIT HUNTING -  Very abundant this year.  You are welcome to bring your dogs to hunt with or we can provide a guide with dogs. The season on rabbits is October 1st - March 18th, 2012.  

BLACK BEAR HUNTING - Sperry Pond offers 1,750 acres of prime black bear habitat with known, active bear dens on the property.  According to confirmed statistics of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, Hamilton County (where we are) typically has the highest number of bear kills and the fewest number of bear hunters.

We do have restrictions on deer and we do have restrictions on the taking of bear.  We do not allow sows with first year's cubs to be taken.  We do have a large sow this year with 2 cubs and we would ask that you know what you shooting at and make sure you do not take any sow with this years cubs.  While DEC allows a sow with first year cubs to be taken, we do not believe that they would make it through the winter.  We are about quality hunting and ensuring quality hunts in the future.   

PREDATOR HUNTING -  You are allowed to call, bait and hunt at night for coyotes with a light.  When the pond freezes over, we've got the perfect situation for calling and baiting with such a wide open area to call them into.  Coyote season is Oct. 1st to March 18th, 2012

And don't forget about the FISHING at Sperry.  Take a little time to fish for the trophy sized brook trout (23 inches...yes, brook trout, caught at Sperry).

Sperry Pond is a great piece of property that is very diverse and has great habitat.  We've established food plots and fruit trees and continue to add more each year.  The terrain is quite varied from hard woods and slight elevation to soft woods, cedars and swamps.  The property is logged on a 5 to 7 year rotation and all limbs are left for wintering wildlife.  Sperry Pond, with it's diversity is a natural wintering ground for wildlife and especially deer, but given the extra effort we've put into the property, Sperry Pond is a real sportsman's paradise and not overhunted by any means.

Weather in the Adirondacks can be tricky, especially during hunting season.  If you come to hunt, be prepared.  Weather changes very suddenly in this region, and the area can be immersed in inclement weather in no time at all.  Preparation is the key to your safety, and the quality of your hunt. 

It's not uncommon for early season weather to be warm.  Our regular deer hunting seasons starts in late October, and often there is still plenty of fall foliage and leaves in the underbrush.  Hunters wait for killing frosts and rain showers to bring down the leaves, and open up the woods, but here in the Adirondacks, leaves fall early.  However, we do encourage hunters to come in the spring before the leaves come on to scout at a discount. 


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